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[edit] Overview

Wyrd is a text-based frontend for Remind, the sophisticated calendar and alarm application. It offers a scrollable timetable display, and integrates with an external editor of your choice (Vim and Emacs both work well). Like Remind, Wyrd starts up very quickly and uses very little memory.

Wyrd is designed for power users who want to be able to create and edit reminders more quickly, but without sacrificing any of the power of Remind's scripting language.

[edit] OS X-Specific Information

To run Wyrd in MacOSX you must have your terminal set as xterm-color. This is easy to do in terminal preferences, but if you find that it causes problems for other programs, then you can put the following alias in your ~/.bashrc file:

alias wyrd='TERM="xterm-color" wyrd'

This temporarily changes the value of the environment variable TERM and runs wyrd; the value reverts to the original value once wyrd exits.

The Fink project contains a Wyrd package for OS X.

[edit] Compiling Wyrd on Cygwin (WinXP)

  1. Pre-requisites: remind, page #3 of doc/manual.pdf (part of the package)
  2. Download, gunzip and untar "wyrd" source in /tmp
  3. Change directory to wyrd-1.4.1/
  4. Run configure like so:
  $ CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/ncurses ./configure --with-ncurses

5. replace on line #21 in ./Makefile

  "prefix = /usr/local" with "prefix = usr/local"

6. make && make install

[edit] Tips

Wyrd fills in sensible defaults for the fields of a REM statement, but you will inevitably need to make some small edits to achieve the behavior you want. If you use Vim, you can make your life easier by installing the Vim-Latex Suite and then modifying your ~/.wyrdrc to use REM templates like this:

set timed_template="REM %monname% %mday% %year% <++>AT %hour%:%min%<++> DURATION 1:00<++> MSG %\"<++>%\" %b"
set untimed_template="REM %monname% %mday% %year% <++>MSG %\"<++>%\" %b"

With this change, hitting Ctrl-J inside Vim (in insert mode) will cause your cursor to jump directly to the <++> markers, enabling you to quickly add any desired Remind delta and message parameters.

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