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  • Whiteboard markers can write on glass. You can leave yourself notes on your bathroom mirror or your car windows or your computer monitor.
  • To save the contents of a whiteboard before erasing it, take a photo of it with your digital camera. If the diagram is nice enough you can just upload the photo to your wiki.
  • Office supply stores have sets of whiteboard markers with more than the standard four (RGBK) colors. More elaborate diagrams can be made if you have more colors.
    • Magenta ones are especially nice. Yellow are almost useless. --PSzalapski 11:20, 5 Aug 2005 (EDT)
  • Buy extra black markers, since those are the ones that run out first.
  • If you accidentally use permanent markers on your whiteboard, you can get the marks off by scribbling overtop with erasable markers and then erasing as usual.
    • Spraying it with hairspray and/or Windex works as well - Egoodwin 01:02, 5 May 2005 (EDT)
  • If you use a whiteboard with a constant template, such as a check list, use permanent markers to draw in your guidelines. Whiteboard cleaner (mostly alcohol) will wipe it right off, but your eraser will not. When doing this, take care not to write over the permanent lines with white board markers, as the chemicals will erase that line. - Jeremy 9/13/2005
    • Personally, I find it better to use thin tape to make semi-permanent lines on my whiteboard. That way, if my needs change, it's easier to move the lines.
  • For me, whiteboards are incredibly useful when I work (systems design meetings &c), so I make sure I have one handy whenever I can.. even when I go to a client.. If they don't have one, I get out a large sheet of paper (which I carry with me (folded), and tape it to the outside of a glass pane/window to create a background. At this point they'll start to look funny, with a strange kind of respect.. Works great, just make sure you use non-permanent markers ;-) Also handy for 'domestic planning sessions'.. cheapest whiteboards available -- Wafel 24 Mar 05

Two things my undergrad adviser drilled into me:

  • Always erase the board completely before you start a meeting / presentation
  • Start at the upper left, not the middle

-- Kscaldef

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