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[edit] Tips

Crayola portable whiteboard- This is a very small whiteboard (comes with 3 dry erase markers) that I keep in the car. It's come in handy for quick-jotting of phone numbers, last-minute list items and the like. It's also wonderful for kids in the car -- my 6-year-old daughter draws constantly and this helps her keep the back seat tidy. --Jberger 17:20, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)

If you have a project room or office in which you want/need to have a large area upon which to write/diagram/communicate then covering it in whiteboard wallpaper is definitely a great option. Scott Ambler writes about the use of this in an article on Organising an Agile Modelling Room. The only product that immediately googles into sight is Opti-rite, with a compeletely vanilla version (1) and one with a "subtle 2" x 2" (5 cm) grid pattern that assists the user in presentations, but remains invisible to the audience" (4) , there's also a one that's magnetised (2)

[edit] Reviews

Kevin Kelly (Cool Tools) reviews large-scale and portable whiteboard options.

[edit] Where to Buy

Couple of US based online sources for Opti-rite, WhiteboardsEtc.com and MyWhiteboards.com

[edit] See Also

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