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Platform: OS X
License: Shareware
Cost: $24.95
Download Size: 1.2MB
Site: http://flyingmeat.com/voodoopad/


[edit] Description

VoodooPad is a standalone wiki-like desktop notepad application from Flying Meat Software, for MacOS X. It is generally quite easy to use, and even those new to the wiki concept can grasp its concepts quickly. Some GTD adherents have begun experimenting with the program as their main next action repository.

[edit] Testimonials

One of my most used pieces of software --in-fact the first piece of software I've ever bought for the MacOS. The author is very nice, and always willing to help out. --Kadis

Another thumbs-up for VoodooPad. Great software, nice author. --Tyler 18:24, 21 Mar 2005 (EST)

what was my life like before voodoopad? seriously. i don't remember. voodoopad is that good. --gl. 15:13, 1 Oct 2005 (EDT)

I was about to put VoodooPad in under the 'mind-map' category, when I noticed the 'wiki' category. My point is, Mind mapping software forces tree-like structures on you, which is NOT the way your mind works. I use VoodooPad for free form mind mapping - it's excellent.

[edit] Hacks

  • I use VoodooPad to store all of my projects and their next actions. Here is an Applescript that connects VoodooPad with Remind. It searches through specific VoodooPad pages and adds the contained tasks to a text file with the appropriate Remind syntax. Combined with GeekTool, this allows a live list of all next actions to be shown on the Desktop.

Couple-three VoodooPad tips --RobertDaeley 14:30, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)

  • Under the Pages menu is "Run as script" which will take the text on a given page and run it in the terminal as a script. All sorts of applications.
  • To utilize VoodooPad as a sort of blog or journal, use date strings for page names, e.g. "2005-03-24". You can then create month pages ("2005-03") and list+link the days out there for archives. Upcoming meeting or appointment? Create its day ahead of time, then you'll have a visual reminder of it when you get around to that day. (This tip applies to most wiki ware.) I use this for meeting notes, putting them on the proper day and linking them to related Project or Department pages. (Back Links really help here.)
  • As usual, learning the keyboard shortcuts will speed up and otherwise improve your user experience tremendously. For example, create a new page using the Cmd-Shift-o (letter o) shortcut instead of Cmd-n and it will either create the page if it doesn't exist, or take you to that page if it already exists.

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