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Also called a Visual Art Diary, these double-wire ring bound notebooks offer style and substance. They're substantially cheaper than a Moleskine yet flexible and tough.

These books are mostly intended for art students drawings, but they come in standard sizes (A4 etc) and are fine for professional use. They look much better than SPIRAX spiral binders and they contain better quality paper. Unlined pages allow you to draw or organise your page however you wish.

I (User:Ezalien) use mine to collect all written notes. I hate Post-It notes because they are easily lost or become grubby. And writing on various random pieces of paper looks messy, and the paper can be misplaced too. Consequently the solution is to jot all information down into one book. I write the date on the top of each page so I know when I wrote something (roughly). Notes which need to be kept permanently I transcribe onto computer - either in my TODO text file or in a separate file. When the book fills up I file it in my filing cabinet and grab a new one (I buy a few at a time so I always have a new one handy).

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