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===On the PC=== ===On the PC===
-[[TextPad]], Mandrakelinux [[GlobeTrotter]], [[Knoppix]].+[[Firefox]], [[TextPad]], Mandrakelinux [[GlobeTrotter]], [[Knoppix]].
==On paper== ==On paper==

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[edit] Who?

I live and work in London. I'm a big fan of plain text.

[edit] Super To Do

[edit] Software relevant to this Wiki

[edit] On the Mac

Tinderbox, Quicksilver, TextMate, OmniGraffle and OmniOutliner.

[edit] On the PC

Firefox, TextPad, Mandrakelinux GlobeTrotter, Knoppix.

[edit] On paper

Quo Vadis diary: excellent!

Moleskine notebooks, but I'm going off them and tending towards Rhodia and Muji products.

Pilot G2 and Pilot Birdie, Fisher Space Pen, Mont Blanc and Cross pens.

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