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<b>If ''you'' wish to comment on this page, please [[User_talk:Gochess]] or [[User:Gochess | email me]]. <b>If ''you'' wish to comment on this page, please [[User_talk:Gochess]] or [[User:Gochess | email me]].
-2006 -- this page, ''Nota Bene'', is now consolidated with my ''updated perspectives'' via [ <font style="background: orange; padding: 1px;"> RSS </font>] feed. Feel free to subscribe to this convenient delivery method. ]</b>+2006 -- this page, ''Nota Bene'', is now consolidated with my ''updated perspectives'' via [ <font style="background: orange; padding: 1px;"> XML </font>] (feeds both RSS and Atom). Feel free to subscribe to this convenient delivery method. ]</b>
== Stuff in progress == == Stuff in progress ==
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-== [ <font style="background: orange; padding: 1px;"> RSS </font>] feed ==+== [ <font style="background: orange; padding: 1px;"> XML </font>] feed ==
-All protocols are supported.+All RSS and Atom protocols are supported.

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[edit] Nota Bene >> gochess PERSONAL commentaries

[ . . . please, NO EDITS.

If you wish to comment on this page, please User_talk:Gochess or email me.

2006 -- this page, Nota Bene, is now consolidated with my updated perspectives via XML (feeds both RSS and Atom). Feel free to subscribe to this convenient delivery method. ]

[edit] Stuff in progress

  • Created a team for the HAPPINESS MANIFESTO, which originated from the BBC as an experiment in the UK town of Slough. Contains useful hacks for the elusive thing called "happiness," which we all set our sights upon.
    • [ ] - Summarize findings here at 43folders / Happiness
  • My tiny collection of uncategorized Quotes ...
  • My modest collection of links to the external world.

[edit] TASKS-to-do

  • [_] - Read these books on creativity:
    • Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono
    • [/]- Lateral Thinking: Creativity Step by Step by Edward de Bono. His writing style here is too heavy for the subject. For me, there has to be intuitive insights conveyed in a flash. Many of the examples were pictorial, and designed for visual problem-solving.
    • The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life by Twyla Tharp
    • Cracking Creativity: The Secrets of Creative Genius by Michael Michalko
    • Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (his other book Flow is superb, a landmark in positive psychology).

[edit] Page views : time-series charts

Data is collected from users of the Alexa toolbar to measure traffic:

  • 43folders June 2005 ocular mean = 2 views per million.
  • 43things June 2005 ocular mean = 14 views per million.
  • June 2005 ocular mean = 14 views per million. (December 2005 -- smelled the acquisition by Yahoo. NB- trend in social networking sites.)
  • slashdot June 2005 ocular mean = 35 views per million.
  • flickr June 2005 ocular mean = 120 views per million. NB- purchase by Yahoo for its 360 project.

- "Page views per million indicates what fraction of all the page views by toolbar users go to a particular site. For example, if has 70,000 page views per million, this means that 7% of all page views go to"

- Ocular mean is the estimated average discerned from the chart by my eyeballs.

[edit] Rated these sites (100-point scale):

  • 99 -- - included this to calibrate the scale. If tech is your means to productivity, then /. is simply indispensible. The users are very well informed (and geeky funny), plus the mod-point system works.
  • 95 -- - Blog which skillfully collects life hacks... RSS subscription highly recommended.
  • 92 -- - Bert Webb's blog is very insightful: Open Loops; if it's on your mind, it's not getting done.
  • 91 -- is a excellent blog by Steve Pavlina for Personal Growth encompassing productivity. The clarity of his writing is superb.
  • 82 -- has a few decent articles on creativity. There is a RSS with emphasis on innovation, mostly within a commercial enterprise.
  • 80 -- - Updated aggregated summary page of GTD writers. Good starting place to find a commentator that suits your style.
  • 76 -- Michael Hyatt's Working Smart blog definitely has a CEO / road warrior feel in regards to productivity. Emphasis on M$-ware -- but his writing style is commendable.
  • 60 -- - Daily productivity related material mostly about managing information and "newsmastering" from Robin Good. Most of the tech stuff is overshadowed by slashdot.
    • I will try out the specialized RSS feed about social networking -- tools and technologies allow like-minded people to find each other; issues of trust, reputation and privacy in digital social networks.
  • 40 -- a million monkeys typing, actually home of the DIY planner -- agenda sheets in PDF. This blog outputs about 7 lengthy essays a month, some which I found helpful. Subscribed for now -- [_] - Re-evaluate November 2005.
  • 37 -- - This was too chatty for me. The focus on tech was much too broad, and second-hand.
  • 33 -- Wiki GTD sub-class: PigPog method. Get the idea, and move on...
  • 30 -- David Allen, of GTD Getting Things Done fame, has a blog. Expected to give it a higher rating, but many of the entries are truly personal with cute pictures. The self-promotion, and the pats to his own shoulder, could be toned down. Comments from his followers were more interesting (see e.g. ).
  • 10 -- - Attorney, D. Pamela Gaines, offers very little in terms of GTD efficiency. Attorneys I know usually are freaks when it comes to filing, billing, PDAs, note-taking, and tech short-cuts -- because it all translates directly to fees.

[edit] nb: Newsgroups

[edit] 43F

  • How about the "Best of" ... like over at Craigslist?
  • Merlin Mann posts -- 43folders founder. His first was Hello, World - Sep 18 2004.

[edit] GTD_Palm

  • Very large group, over 5,800 members. Tons of messages, so it helps to use the new summarized threaded option to read messages. I'm still reading stuff from July 2001.

[edit] Recent nb := nota bene

  • [2005] - Eat more healthy... 2005 Dietary Guidelines developed by the USDA. The new pyramid scheme, includes personalized plan and tracker, plus tips. (But no recipes for chili with finger tips ... ;-) ... ok, alright, veggie tips
    • My supplementary discoveries regarding BMI (Body Mass Index) and the maxim, ”More shelf life for them, less life for you.”

  • 12/26/05 -- Yet another curious development, the users at 43things are automatically signed up over at 43people which now "handle" goals regarding meeting other people. This is squarely on-target social networking -- where the target is "induced" to join in order to validate their "placeholder." Interestingly, the targets may be fellow users as well as celebrities. Quite clever, I must say, as a web application (Ruby on Rails, of course). Here is my page over there, . Nota bene: ingenious use of RSS to keep human interests updated.
  • 7/17/05 -- Curiously, the users at 43things are automatically signed up over at 43places which now "handle" goals regarding travelling and going places. Another dimension to social networking.
    • For making personalized travelling plans, check out the new development at -- instead of destinations, one could use it for setting goals. After all, life is a voyage...

  • 5/02/05 -- Jumped-started the Creativity page over the last few days.

  • 4/27/05 -- Apparently there are two precursors to David Allen's GTD book (source with comments):
    • Getting Things Done by Edwin C. Bliss, subtitled "The ABCs of Time Management."
    • Getting Things Done by Roger Black.

  • 4/24/05 -- Covey quadrants:
    • (I) Urgent and Important
    • (II) Important but not Urgent
    • (III) Urgent but not Important
    • (IV) Not Urgent and not Important
      • Possible applications:
        • Page or board layout, dividing the space into four parts. E.g. where to stick Post-its on a large surface.
        • Coding priorities 1 through 5, with 5=Maybe category.
        • Taming the Paper Tiger summary at GTD_Palm.

  • 4/24/05 -- Gmailgems blog: Filter by sender -- gmail filters can separate mails sent to and For example: Give your Gmail address to Amazon and Ebay as and respectively and filter the mails from Amazon and Ebay.
    • Filter to GTD folder -- I setup a filter to label everything sent to “” as “@Work”. Then I send myself an email to “”. Presto, my new action shows up in my work context AND it’s marked read (since I sent it to myself).
    • Use Draft folder to maintain and revise personal lists.

  • 4/23/05 -- Tasks must counter-balanced by pleasures.

  • 4/22/05 -- Guilty as charged: Meta-organizing "is the art of procrastination through constantly refining your system by adding the latest pen, tweak, life_hacks, PDA, organizer, or toy."
    • Admitting this malady permits a cure to take place (hopefully ;-)

  • 4/21/05 -- Exploring 43F ...

[edit] XML feed

All RSS and Atom protocols are supported.

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