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These hacks deal with things that you can carry around with you.

  • Always have some chocolate on hand. Useful in a variety of situations, from writer's block to low blood sugar to comforting and/or bribing members of the fairer sex. -- Guan 22 Mar 2005
  • In addition to chocolate, carry some gum too. From bad breath to ADHD to just something to do, it helps. -DB
  • Dummy cording - Something I used to do in the Army to ensure that I'd hold onto small and easily-lost items (flashlight, utility tool, etc.) when I was in the field was to literally tie them to my belt with nylon para cord. This obviously isn't going to be appropriate much of the time, but you'd be surprised how useful, and how reassuring, it can be. -- User: AdamGreenfield 17.15 EST 21 Mar 2005
  • Wallet Notepad - Cut a stack of post-it notes in half, and place some in your wallet. An instant note taker, smaller than a Hipster, and portable too! --User: Derek Brown 4:00 21 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Supermarket loyalty cards - Punch holes in them and keep them on a binder ring in your car or pack, so they don't stuff your wallet, but are accessible when you need them. (Use your walllet only for items you don't want stolen.) -- GH 21 Mar 05
  • USB Memory Keyring - These things are getting cheaper and are cross-platform compatible. Use one of these as a keyring and you'll be always have important files to hand or be able to swap data. For Example, I keep a copy of my TextMate GTD project with all my lists on it. --Abizer 04:31, 22 Mar 2005 (EST)
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