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When travelling around with a guide book (Lonely Planet, etc), tear the book into sections. You can carry specific chapters on outings instead of the whole tome, and leave behind any sections you are finished with. It makes for much lighter bags.

[edit] Bursa Travel Guide

  • Bursa is known as the green city. It is a very attractive city and 150km south of Istanbul. *In winter one can ski in the nearby UludaÄŸ mountain. There are two ways to visit UludaÄŸ, one is by a cable railcar or by road. If you go by a car, make sure you visit the oldest Plane Tree on the edge of the mountain at Çekirge. The tree is more than 550 years old. Bursa is well-known with its hot springs since byzantine era. The famous Turkish Baths are located all over the town in all the hotels. Also the most famous Turkish Kebab called, Iskender, is invented in that city, make sure you eat it if you visit the city. Plus the world famous chesnat candies are made in Bursa, also turkish towels are the best in whole country.
  • It is a very important city in Turkish history since it was the first capital of Ottoman Empire. Graves of the first 6 Ottoman Empires as well as very many historic mosques and other building are found in the city. Ulu Cami is the most important one to visit.
  • Although it is known as the green city, nowadays it is not as green as the good old days. It turned to be an industrial city. Textile and automotive industry is
  • Visit One Bag to learn the science and art of packing --Wireless Mike
  • Gemlik Travel
  • Visiting WikiTravel might also be useful if they have content for where you're going. --Fraserspeirs 05:29, 26 May 2005 (EDT)
  • WikiTravel was useful to me in two ways:
    • Like a guide book, the travel wiki gave me information about specific locations as well as general travel tips.
    • Posting notes to my HomePage on the travel wiki (and seeing what others wrote there) was more convenient than regular email.
    • --DavidCary 13:51, 26 May 2005 (EDT)
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