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Time and Chaos
Platform: Windows
License: commercial
Cost: $45.00
Download Size: 4 MB
Site: http://www.chaossoftware.com/chaos.asp


[edit] Description

Time and Chaos is a flexible, full-featured personal information manager program that integrates a calendar (with alarms which can go off even when the main application isn't running), an address list, and a to do list with support for categories or sublists. Time and Chaos can merge data into Microsoft Word to produce letters and more complicated documents. Time and Chaos has several different calendar displays: timeline, month view for appointments or to-dos, and year view. Time and Chaos has powerful reporting on all three categories of data, and can export data from its report module.

Time and Chaos can share databases among different networked users, and supports separate shared and private databases -- a shared addressbook with individual calendars and to do lists, for instance.

New Release: On the 30th June 2006 Chaos Software introduced !ntellect their next generation contact manager and time management tool featuring full email capabilities integrated with a contact address book, appointment schedule and to do task management. As with Time & Chaos !ntellect works well for individuals or shared workgroups on networks.

[edit] Testimonials

I have been using Time and Chaos since 2000, and I like it very much. It's powerful but simple , and its user interface is very clean. The modules are very integrated -- you can "drag and drop" an address onto the calendar or to do modules to automatically create an appointment or a to do. It's in my Startup group. Mls-esq

[edit] Hacks

Time and Chaos has optional tools such as Palm and Pocket PC integration, an address swiper that will pull address information into Time and Chaos's fields off the clipboard, and sales opportunity tracking and legal billing (which can actually be used for any time-billed service business) plugins. There is also a TimeSync tool that supports synchronizing data between two or more Time and Chaos databases, including via FTP.

There are a couple of files within Time & Chaos V6.x and Intellect V3.x that can be edited to provided more functionality. They are:

The first file is services.ini located in the programme installation folder-

I have added the following items which will then appear as options found under 'Phone Numbers and Addresses':


[Skype - Business:]

[Skype - Home:]

[Skype - Mobile:]

[Mailto 3rd:]

I've also removed entries that I knew I wasn't going to use, no need for clutter.

The second file is accessories.ini located in the data folder, in this file I've added links to documents that I regularly copy and paste in to Memos and Notes:

Entries look like this:

[Appointment Details]
Path=C:\Documents and Settings\User Name\My Documents\Work\Forms Docs etc\Appointment Notes.doc

Theoretically I'm sure there is a lot more you could add to both files if you knew the programming structure used.

Hopefully someone elsc will find this of use.

Gavin Coles

[edit] See Also

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