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Time Design


[edit] What is it

European system, the European name is Time/System. One of the oldest (after Filofax) of the paper-based all-rounder time management tools. David Allen himself used a Time Design planner for 15 years before going the electronic way.

Originally from Denmark, Time/System is mostly popular in Scandinavia, Germany and Switzerland. It did survive the arrival of the Palm Pilots, and some people did revert back to the Time/System after having tried an electronic system.

It exists in 2 different formats:

  • Business (A5)
  • Compact (A6)

A5 binders come with 25 mm or 35 mm rings.

For GDT implementation, a business binders with 35 mm rings is recommended.

[edit] User's Manual

There is cool Getting Started manual to download from the Time Design site.

[edit] How to save on costs

Its biggest disadvantage used to be the price of some accessories (binders themselves, forms, etc. ). However one can nowaday limit the costs of using the Time/System in several ways:

[edit] Forms

Many forms can be downloaded from the Internet and printed. Yes, it is a waste of time, but yes, you save a lot using this possibility. Visit the Web sites of Time/System in different countries, some forms are available only on certain country web site.

[edit] Binders and yearly refills

Order them from Time Design (USA). They cost much less there than in Europe. For the binders, there is stricly no drawback in doint this. For the yearly refills, it may not be worth it as the holidays are quite different in Europe and in the USA.

[edit] Hole punch machine

Do not buy the Time/System one, look in shops for less expensive ones. In Switzerland the office supply departements of Manor stores have a hole punch machine for 6 holes with positions adjustable, that you can use for Time/System, Filofax, etc.

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