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[edit] Overview

Tiddly Wiki, another free open source application.

If you are looking for a personal single user wiki - this is the best! What's amazing is that this app is really just a single html page with insane Javascript and CSS.

  • It doesn't require any special installation (such as Java),
  • it works on any platform that has Firefox
  • it seems to have more features than full blown web-application wikis
  • it is perfect to keep inside a USB flash drive (use it at home, work, ...)
  • it doesn't require an internet connection
  • TiddlyWiki2PocketMod provides instructions on how to print Tiddly Wiki tiddlers to PocketMod.

[edit] Special Installation Instructions

  • Mozilla users: Due to the size of Tiddly Wiki, sometimes Mozilla-based web browsers can time out initially loading the JavaScript. This will cause an "Unresponsive script" warning. To prevent these warnings from occurring, try the following.
    • Type about:config into the address bar
    • Search for dom.max_script_run_time
    • Change the value to a larger one
  • Safari users: The latest version of Tiddly Wiki incorporates the changes necessary for saving in Safari provided that you install this Safari plugin.
    • Download the plugin archive
    • Unzip and install the plugin /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    • Restart Safari
    • You should now be able to use any recent version of TiddlyWiki, including GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus.

[edit] Adaptations of Standard Tiddly Wiki for GTD

The latest version of Tiddly Wiki supports plugins that can add functionality and change the look of Tiddly Wiki. Gradually plugins are being released that make it simpler to utilize Tiddly Wiki for GTD. For example:

Soon there will be a Tiddly Wiki distribution that will combine these two.

[edit] Special Hacks of Tiddly Wiki (for GTD and otherwise)

Check it out! While we're at it, let me list some hacks of the original:

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