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ThinkingRock is a Java application designed for the GTD workflow. ThinkingRock is free to download. You can find it here:

From the webpage:

Why we recommend ThinkingRock:

  • It will help you to store in one safe place all the things you have to do or would like to do one day;
  • Unlike many task management applications, Thinking Rock lets you to group your actions in projects and sub-projects;
  • It gets you moving on your thoughts by encouraging you to think of the next physical action to take;
  • It is simple, easy (help documentation provided) and quick to use ;
  • We provide free customer support;
  • The data file is separate so you can have the application installed on your home computer and at work, and transfer the small data file between computers;
  • It is multi-platform: use it on Linux, Machintosh, or Windows;
  • It's free.
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