The One-Fork Rule

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From: 43 Folders: Remainders: Vim, The One-Fork Rule, dashes, and ETech, ho!:

The One-Fork Rule - At one point in my third year of college, my housemates and I felt entropy’s hot breath on the back of our necks. As the dishwasher overflowed with week-old plates and the crisper teemed with blue and brown goo, we acknowledged it was time for a radical change. Thus, Richard, Jake, and I made a pact to instantiate what we called “The One-Fork Rule.” Each of us was issued one and only one of each eating tool: cutlery, plate, bowl, glass, etc. We were to bond with our tools like an infantryman with his rifle. If your fork was dirty when it was time to eat, you were to clean it. You were not to breach the sacred seal of the duct-tape-sealed boxes containing all the additional forks and plates. Like all emergency measures “The One-Fork Rule” passed in time, but I can tell you, it really works if you’re ever feeling overwhelmed by the crufty multiples in your kitchen—or elsewhere your life*. Consider trying it for a week or so whenever you need to simplify or just get it together. --User:Merlin Mann
  • WARNING: Do not use this rule with the following: underwear, kidney, friend, etc...
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