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[edit] WristWatch Timers

I'd love to find a watch that has a timer function, so I can take these timer techniques with me wherever I go. Any suggestions? (For example, I often say to myself, "I'll just run in her for five minutes, and end up wasting half an hour or more. A timer would help.) --steph

Doesn't every digital wristwatch have a timer? My wristwatch not only has the normal timer, but also has a "timer with repeat". If I set it to give an alarm after 15 minutes, and turn "repeat" on, it gives an alarm after 15 minutes, then it gives *another* alarm at 30 minutes, 45 minutes, etc. I normally have it set to give an alarm every hour, to remind me to get up from the PC, do a few stretches to avoid carpal tunnel, and think about whether I've gotten distracted by some wild goose chase. If what I'm doing really is useful, but not on Todays List of Things To Do, I add it to the bottom of the list. Then I work on something else on that list for a while. (I have a Ironman 53151 Wrist Watch/SF-1/PID-22094612 Timex Ironman 30 lap, but I'm sure many other wristwatches have a similar feature. Some watches have hundreds of timers, such as Timex USB and the Fossil Palm --DavidCary 22:48, 8 Aug 2005 (EDT)

Fossil Palm:

I can't help but notice that various pictures of "the" Fossil Palm look very different from each other. (Some seem to have a button at the bottom of the front face, others have buttons only at the sides. Some have black plastic buttons, others have silvery looking buttons ...)

Is there a better wiki for discussing the Fossil Palm? Does the Silicon Valley Palm users group have a wiki yet?

[edit] Khronos and Task-Switching

I switch tasks like crazy to maintain interest, and as a result, have had a harder time estimating how long tasks take than I would had I completed them in tidy blocks of time. Khronos lets you set up multiple timers for named tasks and stop and start them with a mouse click from the menubar or desktop. You can track the cumulative time you've spent on tasks without breaking your flow. Once you do this a while, you can figure out how to subdivide these tasks into palatable little chunks. I now know that laundry, which I shatter into 10 chunks of time, takes a concerted 45 minutes a week.

During my household puttering, I set up the following categories in Khronos: Civic/Community, Cleaning, Computer, Favors, Finance, Laundry and Wardrobe Care, Maintenance and Repairs-Auto, Maintenance and Repairs-Non-Auto, Miscellaneous Tasks, Organization, Recordkeeping. I have overall time duration goals for these categories and adjust as needed. --GH 7 Aug 05

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