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I'm not sure how I could expand on my London Buses entry. Tips welcome. I guess it's more of an emergency 'patch' than a 'hack' - in the sense that it's only helpful to you if you have forgotten your money, have no change on your person, and really need to get home late at night in London. Whether this satisfies the 'productivity' or 'time-management' criteria of 43folders, not totally sure. Damn useful though. -- Clie2k 05/05/2005

If this is in response to my adding a stub (and associated Summary comment), that was a more general call-to-everyone to add more to the Public Transport page. It's a great page idea! :-) --AP 10:14, 5 May 2005 (EDT)
Ahh, my apologies: judging from the Stub definition page ('To stub, or not to stub'), I (mis)understood it to mean it was 'irrelevant'. Perhaps it's worth updating the definition page: "A Stub tag may also mean an invitation to add more entries." -- Clie2k 05/05/2005
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