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OK, here's a basic run-through of how to create your software page:

  1. Search! Make sure an article for the software doesn't already exist.
  2. Go to the article page, hit edit. Select all, copy, paste into your favourite text-editing utility.
  3. Enter<name of software> into your browser's address bar. Note that all spaces should be replaced with underscores, and the rest of it is case-sensitive. This is one of the reasons I'm asking you to search first.
  4. You'll be confronted with a big empty box to fill in. Dump your source from the template in here.
  5. Make all the changes, fill in the description page, fill in the infobox.
  6. At the bottom of your page, type the following: [[Category:Software]]
  7. Open up a new window and go to Category:Software. You'll see a long list of types of software such as Category:Wiki-like Software and Category:Application Launchers. Pick one of these that best fits the program you're writing the article about, and add it as a category down the bottom next to the previous category thing. Finally, find the correct category for the OS of your software (e.g. Category:Macintosh Software or Category:Cross-Platform Software). Put that in too. So at the end your last line might look like: [[Category:Software]] [[Category:Application Launchers]] [[Category:Macintosh Software]]
  8. Hit show preview...make sure everything is right and works and stuff.
  9. Hit save page. Congratulations! Your page is complete.

--Akchizar 03:19, 25 Mar 2005 (EST)

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