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Olympus do a combination voice recorder and camera: not sure about Mac compatibility. --RB 04:42, 31 Mar 2005 (EST)

If you've got an iPod, and are comfortable carrying it around with you everywhere, you should really get a Griffin iTalk. It's small, it's portable, simple to use, and has decent enough sound quality for dictation, voice notes, etc. I use mine to record lectures at school, meetings at work, etc. Best of all, you can use iTunes to catalog the recordings into usable categories/playlists/etc. Egoodwin 11:08, 31 Mar 2005 (EST)

I want a digital voice recorder, no bigger than the iPod Mini, with password protection or voice encryption, that can convert voice to date/time-stamped text, and has beeping or vibrating memo alarms that can be easily set/changed/cancelled by voice commands. -- GH 8 May 05

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