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Okay - let's have a look...


[edit] Hit list

[edit] Cocoa

Nope. Tinderbox is cross-platform: kiss of death in my book. Nothing great is ever cross-platform. Oh, apart from the web, I mean.

[edit] Hooks and more hooks

I want a universal “drop box” to which I can periodically return to process, file, and enrich any kind of productivity app data (reminders, phone numbers, notes, etc.). Well, sort of. Tinderbox supports limited drag and drop, but - as with so much Boxy - there's more to it than that.

[edit] Tags

For real. Hardcore metadata.

[edit] IMAP-like syncing

Not so much. But you can pass Tinderbox documents around easily. They are XML. No, really! There's pretty good read-from-web, not so great write-back-to-web. And no HTTP. Yet. It's not 'live', if you see what I mean.

[edit] Smart groups and ad hoc collections

I want all my “stuff” to reside in a big pile, and then I want smart help to script it, organize it, and associate it however I like. Oh yes!

[edit] Smart associations and intra-project linking

Related to the previous wish, I want a more mature version of Entourage 2004’s “Project Center” that lets me identify items (contacts, todos, calendar items, notes) to automatically be associated with a given project. The catch is, I want those projects themselves to be nestable, so that I can scoot them around, change their status, or even move them to a completely different client with dragging alone: no time consuming manual re-tagging, please ... Yes again

[edit] So how did we do?

3.5 out of 6? Could be worse.

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