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Is there an application that converts iCal entries to Remind format?

You can use this iCal to Remind script. The recommended way to use this script is to include a secondary file in ~/.reminders:

INCLUDE /your/home/directory/.ical2rem

Then you can use cron to build the included file periodically, with a cron table entry like this:

0-59/15 * * * * local/bin/ > ~/.ical2rem

This is a good way to also get reminders from your Google calendar when you are off-line and without a browser open. Here is a quick outline of the necessary steps:

  • get your iCal file address, in google calendar this is done through the manage calendars page.
  • use wget within a cron job to download that calendar on a regular basis. put them in a folder names /here/are/my/calendars
  • use the file above just change the $cal_dir into your /here/are/my/calendars folder.

by regularly downloading your web based iCal you'll be able to get reminders even when off-line.

Is there an application that converts Remind events to iCal format?

Have a look at the rem2ics script.

See also the script, which takes the output items of Remind's rem -q command and converts it to iCal to-do items.

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