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Remind is a UNIX calendaring program. Remind is also a command line application

Project Homepage:

Hacks and Hints


  • Use the Shell Watcher widget to display Remind's output in Dashboard.


  • Use GeekTool to display the output of Remind on your desktop. Remember to use the -q option to prevent GeekTool from queueing up all your timed reminders again every time it refreshes.


  • I don't always have a terminal open, and sometimes when I do have one open, it's not the app currently in focus. So I wrote a Perl script that executes remind and shoves the output (via Mac::Glue) to a Growl notification. Then I put the script in ~/Library/Scripts where Quicksilver can see it and now I can just execute it any time I want to see my reminders no matter what application I'm working in.
  • nohup/remind/growl

You can run remind as a background daemon and fire off reminders through growl:

nohup remind -z -k'growlnotify -s %s &' ~/.reminders &


don't kill this command when i close this terminal window or log out
remind -z 
run remind as a daemon, checking up every five minutes
pass the reminders to growlnotify
make the growl bubble sticky
represents the text of the reminder
what remind file to run, and again
run as a background process


  • Wyrd is a curses front-end for Remind. To run it in MacOSX you have to have your terminal set as xterm-color. This is easy to do in terminal preferences, but if you find it causes problems for other programs, then you can put the following alias in your .bashrc file (this saves the old value, changes it, runs wyrd, then changes it back once wyrd exits):
alias wyrd='OLDTERM=$TERM;export TERM=xterm-color;wyrd;export TERM=$OLDTERM'

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