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Remind is a UNIX calendaring program. Remind is also a command line application

Project Homepage:


  • Use GeekTool to display the output of Remind on your desktop. Remember to use the -q option to prevent GeekTool from queueing up all your timed reminders again every time it refreshes.
  • I don't always have a terminal open, and sometimes when I do have one open, it's not the app currently in focus. So I wrote a Perl script that executes remind and shoves the output (via Mac::Glue) to a Growl notification. Then I put the script in ~/Library/Scripts where Quicksilver can see it and now I can just execute it any time I want to see my reminders no matter what application I'm working in.


You can run remind as a background daemon and fire off reminders through growl:

nohup remind -z -k'growlnotify -s %s &' ~/.reminders &


don't kill this command when i close this terminal window or log out
remind -z 
run remind as a daemon, checking up every five minutes
pass the reminders to growlnotify
make the growl bubble sticky
represents the text of the reminder
what remind file to run, and again
run as a background process

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