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'''Items with mercury''' (old thermometers, some bug zappers) '''Items with mercury''' (old thermometers, some bug zappers)
*Take to a hazardous waste facility. *Take to a hazardous waste facility.
 +'''Packing peanuts'''
 +*Most UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc. locations recycle clean packing peanuts.
'''Printer cartridges''' '''Printer cartridges'''

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Recycling is the third and last method of waste reduction after reduce and reuse and part of the workflow of every household.

[edit] Recycling by category

Athletic Shoes

  • Nike Recycles used sneakers into padded flooring for children's playyards.


  • Junk My Car will remove junk cars for free
  • Donate a Car is a database of charities that will accept your tax deductible car donation

Batteries Since some batteries contain hazardous chemicals, they should be seperated out from your other trash and placed in the battery section at your local landfill.

  • Batteries can be dropped off at some Radio Shacks, Staples and Home Depots for recycling.
  • Most auto parts stores will accept car, boat and motorcycle batteries for recycling.

Bed Linens Most pet shelters need blankets, sheets and towels. Remember pet shelters also need office equipment and supplies.

Cell phones



See: How to Recycle Used Computers at

Construction Materials

  • Habitat for Humanity donate construction materials and tools to Habitat for Humanity. What they don't use building homes they will sell with the proceeds to benefit new home funds.


  • The Lion's Club[1] re-distributes used eyeglasses. Can be dropped off at Lenscrafters[2] stores and other locations.

Farmer's Market Supplies Take used plant pots, bedding trays, egg cartons and strawberry baskets to your local farmers market. Vendors are always looking to save money on their supplies.

Items with mercury (old thermometers, some bug zappers)

  • Take to a hazardous waste facility.

Packing peanuts

  • Most UPS Store and Mail Boxes Etc. locations recycle clean packing peanuts.

Printer cartridges

  • Staples and Office Depot accept used printer cartridges for recycling.

See:How to Recycle Laser and Ink-Jet Printer Cartridges at

[edit] References

  • How to Recycle Anything by Amanda MacMillan, Prevention Magazine, April 2006
  • New York City New Homes for Old Stuff

[edit] External links

State of California Waste Prevention and Recycling at Home

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