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[edit] Anywhere

  • Avoid "Crazy" People: Sit in the middle of the bus. The sociable nuts sit at the front, close to the driver. The antisocial ones at the back, far from the driver. (Unfortunately this doesn't work for avoiding drunks, in my experience, they will sit in any empty seat next to me, wherever I am on the bus.) --Scrim 10:14, 5 May 2005 (EDT)
  • Check Your Seat: This may be gross, but it's important. Before sitting down on the bus, ALWAYS touch the seat before planting yourself down. A friend of mine sat in something moist (which could have been a drink spill or something, but of course he assumed the worst) on the way to work, didn't notice until it was too late, and was unable to go home and change all day. After that, he always touched the seat before sitting down, and I did too. On a couple of occasions I have encountered wet seats and been able to avoid them.

[edit] London

[edit] Night Buses

  • If you've forgotten or ran out of loose change as Things to carry then this undocumented 'emergency hack' might save you after midnight. If you have missed the last night trains, you can the take the night bus. However, most of these buses don't issue tickets and require you to purchase your ticket from the kiosks at the stops before boarding- which can be a problem, if you don't have loose change (the machines only take coins) and there are no shops open nearby. Board the bus and ask for a ticket using whatever notes you have. The bus driver will tell you that he/she can't issue a ticket as they don't carry change. Say that you do not have change for the kiosk and ask them to issue you an IOU (!). The IOU is an official London Transport slip which basically says, "I agree to pay London Transport £X for this journey within X number of days." It's silly, and based on trust, but then again this is England. I discovered this hack when arguing with a bus driver as I had no change, the machine didn't issue any change, and was stranded in the middle of nowhere - as I wasn't backing down, he sighed and to my surprise pulled out the slip from his jacket. Of course, I wrote a cheque for £1 to London Transport and posted it the following morning. -- Clie2k 04/05/2005

[edit] Underground

  • The first and last carriages are usually emptier than the middle carriages.

[edit] Massachusetts

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