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43 Folders Fetish Items
43 Folders Fetish Items
Productivity pr0n (a/k/a "Productivity porn") is a superclass of materials and methods for theoretically becoming more organized and productive. It can include systems like Getting Things Done and fetishized objects like Moleskine notebooks, index cards, and the Fisher Space Pen.

It is a tongue-in-cheek term often used lovingly by its avid--even obsessive--consumers. It often implies the awareness that not all productivity pr0n leads to actual productivity.

It is believed by some that to be truly productive you must rid yourself of all the tricks and ciphers used to "feel productive." Others simply enjoy the pastime of collecting notebooks, trading tips, and talking about systems, even if these are not items that they use expressly for the purpose of increasing productivity, improving time management, or what have you.

In any case, many friends of 43 Folders (including its author) will readily confess to their productivity pr0n addiction.

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