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Procrastination kills productivity. It's the ability to endlessly fill your time with everything except what you should be doing.


[edit] Books

[edit] The Now Habit

Main article: The Now Habit

Neil Fiore's well-regarded 1988 text. Concentrates on changing dynamics of motivation through techniques, such as changing from push-method to pull-method and creating sense of safety. Fits well with GTD.

[edit] The War of Art

Main article: The War of Art

Rather literary work, strong on characterising the nature of procrastination from the inside, and with a metaphysical schema derived from Plato that a lot of readers find hard to swallow, but well-liked. Characterises the struggle to create as ther struggle against the enemy of Resistance. Definitely based on the push-method...

[edit] Other books

[edit] Articles

43folders user --gochess recent contributions to 43things include insight on setting goals through life's journey, facing problems head on, and the importance of mental semantics.

Mark Taw has written a good article on procrastination, along with a simple page for prompting action.

John Perry has developed an approach to modifying procrastinating behavior towards productive ends he calls Structured Procrastination

Steve Pavlina has a great article where he identifies some causes and strategies for avoiding procrastination. Overcoming Procrastination

Some good procrastination info and advice from the book Psychological Self Help is available online. Procrastination, How to stop Procrastinating

[edit] Tips and Tricks

Some simple tricks for beating procrastination through reducing distractions have been discussed in the 43Folders Group:

  • Set your browser home page to be blank. If you hate the blank page, set your home page to a search engine's home page or to a default webserver's home page - which, should, in theory, be classier than just a blank page.
  • Disable any new mail notifications, and close your email client.
  • Disable all instant messaging.
  • Use a news aggregator to remove idle web surfing and "subscribe" to important websites instead of randomly browsing them to find updates. Disable "automatic updating" on your news aggregator (a program that polls website feeds in RSS, XML, Atom, et al.) or close your aggregator when not in use.
  • Create a separate user without a web browser or instant messaging or email client and use that as your 'work' user.
  • Set small tasks and goals with relatively short durations, then reward yourself once the task is completed.
  • Time yourself. Keep track of what you do, to the minute. Write ":00" - ":59" on a sheet of paper, every hour, and keep track of what you are doing, to the minute. This includes reading web pages that you aren't supposed to. When you see where your time goes, it can be quite a shocker, and move you to right action. See also: Time sampling, Kick procrastination's ass: Run a dash.

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