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PhraseExpress organizes frequently used text snippets and automate repetitive tasks.

Text snippets can be accessed from a taskbar pop-up menu, via keyboard shortcuts or by typing short keywords which are expanded into any application while you type:



  • Typing "kr" automatically turns into "Kind regards"
  • Entering 'calc' can launch the calculator program
  • Entering 'wiki' would open a query input, launch the webbrowser and open Wikipedia with the entered search string

One major PhraseExpress advantage is that a single hotkey or text shortcut can be used for multiple text snippets. In such case, PhraseExpress would open a selection popup directly next to the mouse cursor and the user can select the desired phrase:


This method significantly reduces the amount of shortcuts to memorize.

The separate Network Edition allows shared access to a central data file by multiple users in a workgroup. A central administration console can configure the client and e.g. restrict the user interface to securely eliminate any risk of operating errors:


PhraseExpress is free of charge for personal use. A license for commercial use cost US$ 19.95.

Download: Homepage

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