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Here's a collection of hacks that are directed towards pages:


[edit] Index

Keep the first few pages blank for an index which you can fill in later.

[edit] Page Numbers

Writer Bruce Chatwin recommended numbering each page for use as a reference guide, as described in the Chatwin Insert which can be found inside all new Moleskines.

Numbering each page before you start using your notebook is a chore (one that exceeds the two-minute rule). I write front-to-back, using my Moleskine as a daily journal, numbering pages as I go. I've recently started the practice of always numbering 20 pages ahead, however. Whenever I reach a page without a number, I number the next 20 pages rather than just the current page. I also letter pages from the last page of each new Moleskine backwards.

This is useful when I want to capture some random bit of reference data, but don't want to interrupt the flow of whatever I'm currently writing. If it's something related to the current day's entries, I skip ahead a few pages to capture it. More "globally" useful info I place in the lettered pages. Stuff that I know I'll want to refer to later goes in the index, and by number or letter I know I can find the page quickly. --Wrex 22:17, 1 Apr 2005 (EST)

[edit] Hyperlinks

By numbering every page in your notebook you can add a "continued from page 53" or "continued on page 92". These hyperlinks help you keep track of multiple threads of thought happening all at once. They also help others understand your thoughts when they dig up your priceless notebook in a thousand years.

Hyperlinks can be reduced to a triplet on each page, e.g. 11 | 13 | 16 - where 11 is the page the thought came from, 13 is the current page and 16 is the page the thought continues to.

[edit] Advanced Hyperlinks

If you have multiple notebooks and have content in one of them that you want to link to another one, get some circular colored stickers and mark each one of the notebook's cover with a diferent color. Every time you want to link to a page in a different notebook write the page number you want to link to and a little dot with a marker of the same color of the notebook where the page number belongs to.

This is particularly useful if you have a plain notebook where you sketch and a ruled notebook where you write. If you want to link to an illustration from the ruled notebook, just write the page number of the drawing and a dot with the color of the correspondent book. In the illustration's page you can also refer to the text associated with it in the ruled notebook, just write something like "Featured in:" and then the page number of the ruled one and the correspondent color.

(Method by António Ferreira)

[edit] Metadata

Metadata in page corners
Metadata in page corners

Tag upper page corners with metadata; the name of the project or whatever helps you jog your memory when flipping through, looking for a specific item

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