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[edit] Assorted Tips

  • Travel duct tape - As everyone knows, duct tape can fix practically anything, but who wants to carry a ginormous 1-lb roll of it on vacation? Instead, justy keep an eye on the roll you use around the house, and when it start to get low -- when, say, there's a quarter-inch or so left on the roll -- set it aside to bring on your next trip. You can step on the roll to flatten it, it will take up less space in your luggage.
  • Alternatively wrap an equivalent amount of duct tape around a reusable water bottle (the hard plastic kind). It is good to have duct tape when luggage falls apart, or anytime really.

[edit] Wrinkle-free Clothing

  • To avoid wrinkles in trousers pack them inside a drycleaner bag. Lay your freshly pressed trousers on a flat surface (e.g., bed, ironing board). Be sure to line up the legs and ironed creases so that everything is laying as flat as possible. Starting at the foot of the trousers, pull a long dry cleaner bag up the legs of your trousers as high as they will go. This bag will do two things: keep your trousers neat and tidy and allow things to slide around slightly inside your packed luggage.
  • Next, take a stack of 2 to 4 shirts or other already folded items and place them on top of the foot of the trousers. Imagine the trousers inside their dry cleaner bag sheath are a bed of rice on seaweed and the shirts are the sushi filling. Starting with the foot of the trousers roll the shirt filling up so that the trousers wrap around them. You now have your trousers wrapped around your shirts like one big maki.
  • Finally, take a supermarket grocery plastic bag (I find the Sunday New York Times delivery bag works perfectly) and insert the trouser maki into the bag. Now you've got a snug bundle of clothes that when extracted at your destination will not be wrinkled. It also is a nice unit for packing because you can separate clothes for different parts of your trip (e.g., business suit and shirts separate from hiking gear) so you don't have to unpack your whole suitcase to get out the clothes you need for that day.
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