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Org-mode, by Carsten Domink, is an enhanced outline mode for Emacs. It can be used for maintaining structured and hyperlinked text files and todo lists, and for plannning projects. Org-mode is included with the CVS version of GNU Emacs. Users of Emacs 21 and earlier versions can download org-mode from its home page.

Org files have a flexible structure and can be adapted for GTD or other organisation systems. Org-mode can work well with the "One Big File" strategy or with many files.

Features of org-mode include:

  • add date and time stamps, deadlines, schedules and tags to items
  • different ways to view file structure
  • collect dated entries from different files into a single agenda buffer
  • hyperlinks to other text files, websites, email messages (in Emacs mail clients), Usenet messages and BBDB entries
  • a simple and powerful table editor
  • export to plain text, HTML and icalendar

OrgTutorial is a great tutorial to get you started on the path to working with org-mode, though there is of course no substitute for the manual. The tutorial assumes some familiarity with Emacs.

Using Emacs org-mode for GTD is a good tutorial for adapting OrgMode to the GTD mindset.

The EmacsWiki has more org-mode tips.

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