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Apple Computer's operating system for its Macintosh computers, at version 10.4 (AKA Tiger) as of this writing.


[edit] Articles & Entries

  • OS X Inventories - great software and setup inventories as well as smart tips for workflow and productivity hacks
  • Category: Macintosh Software - Links to individual software packages that run on OS X (and some on Classic)
  • Category: UNIX Software - Thanks to OS X's Unix-like underpinnings, many popular software packages from the Unix world run on OS X, either out-of-the-box or with minor tweaks.
  • Dashboard Widgets - handy little chunks of functionality, available only on Tiger.
  • Spotlight - system wide, low-level, metadata based search.

[edit] External Links

[edit] Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger"

[edit] Hints, Tips, and Tricks

[edit] Troubleshooting

  • MacFixIt and Macintouch are great sites for keeping up to date on bugs, fixes, and other technical issues.
  • Apple Discussions on the apple.com support site is an excellent resource for troubleshooting.

[edit] General Software Collections

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