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Platform: Various
License: Copyrighted, open-source
Cost: Freeware
Download Size: 682 KB - 6.5 MB (depending on distribution package)

[edit] Description

Notebook is a Wiki-like electronic notebook for local use available as a Windows executable, a native app for Mac OS X, as a Starkit and as Tcl source code.

From its website:

It's for storing notes, to-do lists, daily logs, things you want to remember, neat ideas you might do something with some day, cute things your children said, bad jokes--all the kinds of things you would write down now if only you had a place to put them where you'd remember to look for them.

[edit] Testimonials

The program works like a local Wiki on your desktop. Thanks to use of the Tcl programming language it can perform all kinds of tricks: an index of your notes is generated automatically and you can add various functions in the shape of buttons. The present version supports exporting notes as HTML. Fun to play with, and quite likely also potentially useful to some people. -- User:Shpongle

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