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Notational Velocity
Platform: OS X
License: Freeware
Cost: $0
Download Size: 140KB


[edit] Description

Notational Velocity is a simple but surprisingly powerful notebook application.

There are three fields: the title field, a list of notes, and the body field. Type a search string into the title field. The list of notes will be filtered as you type. If you're looking for an existing note, just select it from the list. If you want to create a new note, just hit tab to go down to the body field and enter the text for that title.

Like most search-centric applications, it works better the shorter your notes are and the more standardized your vocabulary for them is. Because it searches body as well as title, you can even add tags to your notes to make retrieval even easier.

[edit] Testimonials

Notational Velocity is especially well-suited for:

  • Serial numbers
  • Feature requests/questions for software
  • Tech specs for various hardware you own
  • Usernames/passwords for various websites or services
  • Account numbers and other necessary info for bills

Essentially, information you need to call up quickly but not very frequently and don't need to cross-reference.

[edit] Hacks

  • Leave the title line blank to show all notes.
  • If you download the freeware [WordService 2.5.3] from Devon Technologies, you can date and time stamp NV entries by using keyboard commands or the Services menu.
  • Use the system-wide Service (hotkey: Shift-Apple-V) to quickly add any highlighted text as a new note, or search all your notes with any highlighted text (hotkey: Shift-Apple-C).
  • To see how many notes you have, go to "Export All Notes" in the Notes menu. A note count is at the top of the dialog box that appears.

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