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[edit] Description

myNotes is a note manager application that lets you create, manage and retrieve notes, clippings and other small bits of info, as well as print with the help of smart printable themes. It also features an Address Book integration, so you can instantly look up your buddies by first or last name and send them an e-mail, start a chat session and open a homepage with just one click. In addition you can search your contacts by zip code, city, state, country and a company name. myNotes is available in German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese and Korean languages.

[edit] Key Features

  • Address Book integration
  • Printable themes
  • iPod syncing
  • E-mailing of notes
  • Customizable work area (background picture and transparency)
  • Instant search/filtering
  • Live word and characters counting
  • Import and export of rich and plain text
  • Drag'n'drop

[edit] Testimonials

[edit] Hacks

  • Click in status bar to switch between words count/creation date/modification date
  • Control-click on a first/last name of a person to see it's contact information derived from your Address Book. You can also click on a city, state, country, zip code to see all persons in that area.
  • Use Services menu to quickly add any highlighted text as a new note. Shortcut: Command-Shift-M
  • Drag a note to desktop to create a rich text .rtf file.
  • You can export notes as single or multiple text files. Select File > Export and check the "Multiple Files" checkbox.

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