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[edit] Maintenance

  • Before changing oil, add an extra half quart/litre of oil and warm up the engine. This allows the extra oil to slosh around and free up crud that normally won't come out when changing the oil normally.
  • Sea Foam Motor Treatment An all purpose oil and gas additive. It works as advertised; I've used it in motorcycles and cars. -- SecaGirl
    • Use 1 oz. per gallon of gas to clean carbs
    • Use 1.5 oz. per quart of oil to clean carbon from the crankcase and free up stuck rings.
  • If the bike lunges forward when shifting into first gear from a stop, your clutch cable is too tight and not releasing properly.
  • Motorcycle tires have an arrow that points to the valve stem when installed properly. This is because the tires are pre-balanced from the factory.
  • A spongy front brake may be air in the lines. Take a bungie, velcro wrap, rope, etc and tie down the front brake lever (compressed). Leave overnight. In the morning you should notice a better brake feel.

[edit] Riding

  • For more efficient countersteering, relax your outside arm, and only steer with your inside arm. This prevents your arms from fighting each other, and allows better control during the turn.

[edit] Storage

  • Put any important papers (insurance card, registration, etc.) in a ziplock bag before storing under your seat.

[edit] Touring

  • Carry a squished 1/2 empty roll of toilet paper under the seat (in a ziplock bag of course) - you never know when the urge might hit.
  • invest in an electric vest if you ride in cold climates
  • large industrial rubber gloves purchased at any home improvement store make great rain covers
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