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Platform: Ruby
License: Ruby License
Cost: $0
Download Size: 845 KB


[edit] Description

MiniRubyWiki is a wiki written in Ruby.

[edit] About

MiniRubyWiki is just about the lightest, least complicated to install wiki ever. Download one zip file, unzip it and run. If you're on Win32 the zip file includes an .EXE and Launch.BAT file to run it so nothing else is required. It includes it's own web server but can be run from Apache, etc. Great for use as a PIM that is always available. It can be run on a Sharp Zaurus, from a USB flash drive or just about anywhere.

The author, PhlIp, suggests it is not acceptible for use on the public Internet, and should only be used locally or on safe networks. It prefers speed and ease of use to security.

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