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Software Name
Platform: An OS
License: freeware/adware/etc
Cost: Cost in USD
Download Size: size to download
Site: its site

NB: This is a template page for those who wish to write an article about a piece of software. Please see the Talk:Meta:Software template page for more information or if you wish to talk about this template.


[edit] Description

A description of the software goes here. It should be concise and objective, telling the reader what the program does and perhaps labelling some of its more remarkable or innovative features without actually comparing it to other products in the field. For example, the following isn't a very good description:

Program foo is one of the best applications in its genre, beating the opposition in extensibility, usability, and plugin support. It allows you to access any hidden folder you want on your drive faster and more efficiently than any program ever written. You'll love to use it.

This is a better description:

Program foo is an application that allows you to access hidden files on your computer. One of its most notable features is its integration with AppleScript and the OS X environment.

[edit] Testimonials

This is an example testimonial. Note how I am using the first person as I tell you how great this product is! I'm also going to tell you why this product is so good, rather than making some vague claim that it changed my life. Oh, and I'm not going to bash other programs in this field. Finally, I'm going to finish this testimonial with a signiature. --User:Joe Bloggs

[edit] Hacks

This section is for any hacks people want to contribute. They don't have to be attributed, but it's probably a good idea if people do just so we know who to congratulate or blame. Utilities that act solely as "helpers" to a program (such as's mail.appetizer utility) probably belong here rather than having their own page.

[edit] See Also

  • A link to the official site, if any, should probably be bolded
  • Other links, such as tutorials or things
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