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  • Make regular short appointments on neutral territory: this lets you keep up to date with co-workers without them feeling it's official. --RB 08:52, 28 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Recently I have been sorting through business cards that I was given some time ago and have had difficulty remembering who some of the people are. To address this, I have taken to writing on the back. Hopefully this will aid my memory in future. --dbush 07:01, 17 Apr 2005 (EDT)
This is what I write:
  1. Date of the meeting
  2. Where it was held
  3. Who else attended (at a push I could ask them if they remember)
  4. A short description of the person (or a sketch if you can)
  5. The Purpose of the meeting
  • I take meeting notes on a legal pad, then, when back at my computer, I enter those notes into VoodooPad on a wikipage for that day (e.g. "2005-05-22"), with links to that project's wikipage and to the pages on the other staff members who attended. I'll also take that opportunity during typing to add to or edit my notes as necessary, then email them to the other participants as appropriate. Any hardcopy stuff from the meeting I absolutely need to keep goes in a hanging file for that project -- otherwise I jettison it into the recycle bin before I get back to my cubicle. :) The wiki concept (particularly backlinks) creates an ongoing and automatic web of associated people, projects, and meetings. --RobertDaeley 12:22, 22 May 2005 (EDT)
  • If you are organizing a meeting but are afraid that it will drone on way too long, consider removing all chairs from the meeting room. Since everyone is unconfortable standing up, they will be quick and concise so that it might end soon. Important stuff will be mentioned but less important things will be omitted. Obviously this will not work for any kind of meeting, but some types of meetings could be greatly sped up with this method. I read this somewhere but I can't remember where. --PSzalapski 16:43, 26 May 2005 (EDT)
  • Don't assume that all meetings are best done in meeting rooms. If you are working on a website for your team, book the meeting in a room with a computer. If you are working on designer clothing, book the meeting in a showroom.
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