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* [ NewsFire] * [ NewsFire]
-==Notebooks==+==Notebooks and Text Editors==
* [[Apple Pages]] * [[Apple Pages]]
* [[Aquaminds NoteTaker]] * [[Aquaminds NoteTaker]]

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There is a plethora of organization software for the Macintosh. Below you will find a list of the most popular software with 43folders readers; for more, check out one of these general resources:


Application Launchers

Command Line

Databases (of sorts)

  • Booxter
  • Delicious Library - plugs into iSight camera to scan barcodes into a library
  • Books - An open-source personal library management tool for MacOS X.

E-Mail/Traditional PIMs

Mind Mapping

  • MyMind is a simple mind mapper.

News Readers/Aggregators

Notebooks and Text Editors




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