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===Pictures=== ===Pictures===
-[[Image:levenger-front.jpg]] Front of the SPB+[[Image:levenger-front.jpg|left|thumb|200px|Front]] [[Image:levenger-back.jpg|left|thumb|200px|Back]]
- +
-[[Image:levenger-back.jpg]] Back of the SPB+
===Links=== ===Links===

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The Levenger Shirt Pocket Briefcase (SPB) is a leather wallet designed to hold 3x5 cards. It replaces the large spring clip in the Hipster PDA system. It contains three pockets to hold cards and small 'bookends' on the front to hold a card and use as a writing surface.




Offical Levenger SPB Page


  1. I like the looks of (The SPB). Does anyone know how many cards it can reasonably hold at once?
    1. I have one and its pretty nice, mine currently has 8 cards, and it could prolly hold a few more without any problem --Matthew
    2. I've got 20 or so cards scattered among all the pockets, but I think that's about upper limit. --Adam
  2. Variations
    1. International Pocket Briefcase - more wallet-style; has slots for credit cards and an easy-access ID; several pockets for cards; large compartment for money, receipts, more cards, or whatever; pen slot.
      • I have one of these, and it's very nice. Holds a lot of cards (more than I currently have in it) thanks to the extra pockets and keeps them clean, avoids having the edges ground off, etc. I currently have a Parker Sonnet in the pen slot, which is a medium-sized pen; it could probably hold a slightly larger pen instead. --Cmc 18:02, 13 Apr 2005 (EDT)
    2. Universal PDA Holder - holds your cards and PDA.
    3. Flip Pocket Briefcase - like the International PB, but flips open like a reporter's notebook. --Cmc 18:02, 13 Apr 2005 (EDT)
  3. Cards
    1. Levenger offers several kinds of cards, including blank, lined, gridded (graph-paper style), and framed. The cards are nice paper, and can also be ordered with various printed customizations (name, address, or whatever). --Cmc 18:02, 13 Apr 2005 (EDT)
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