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The book GTD recommends that each person get a personal label maker. Labelers (excuse me, "labeling systems") put letters on "label tape".


[edit] label tape

  • $5 / 4 meters : Dymo embossing tape for that retro label look. Normally used in label makers that don't have any batteries, but I've heard there are exceptions.
  • $10 / 8 meters : Brother "M" tape
  • $7 / 4 meters : Dymo "LT" tape used in electronic labellers from Dymo (web server down as of 2006-07-20)
  • $17 / 8 meters : Brother "TZ" tape for Brother P-touch series of labelers
  • ... labels for the "label printers" that don't work unless they are tethered to a PC...
  • ... any other easily-obtainable tape that I'm missing ? ...

I know one person who would jump to the conclusion "Oooh, the "TZ" is the most expensive, it must be the best!". But if I thought that way, I wouldn't be using a Hipster PDA. Has ever reviewed label makers?

To enhance the VendorLockIn effect, labelmakers from one company only work with tape from that one company. And tape from that company may not even work in every labelmaker from that company.

So is there any significant difference in durability / readability / stickiness among these label types?

What other features should I look for in a "labeling system"?

Are the "laminated" tapes really suitable for outdoor use?

  • I asked the salesman that when I picked up my Brother labeler. He pulled out his wallet. It had his name splashed across the front in red flaming font on a black background (iirc). He said he did it to see how durable the tape was. According to him, the wallet had been in full time use for four years with the label. It was firmly attached and completely legible, if a little wrinkled.--Smilez 19:30, 22 July 2006 (EDT)

What about people who sneer at label machines, and suggest decent handwriting and a decent fountain pen instead?

Do any of the handheld labelmakers make any kind of barcode, or is that limited to the PC-tethered labelmakers?

Are any embossers available that have lower-case letters ? (I've been told that all-lower-case is more legible than all-upper-case). What about the letter eñe ("ñ") ? ümläüts ?

[edit] Where to purchase

[edit] UK

  • LabelZone
    • I found them cheap and reliable. --RB 17:21, 24 Mar 2005 (EST)
  • Ryman
    • Good for me so far. Pricier than Labelzone, but most towns will have a brick-and-mortar establishment for those need it now moments. --Rowlock 07:30, 22 Apr 2005 (EDT)

[edit] Software

[edit] OS X

[edit] UNIX

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