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KeyNote is a tabbed notepad and three pane outliner for Windows. It's freeware and while it hasn't been updated in a while it is stable and feature-rich.

(Keynote is also the name of Apple's "Powerpoint-like" presentation software for Mac OS X, part of their iWork suite. Info on Keynote here.)

  • Information can be stored in hierarchical trees like an outliner and different catergories can be stored in a tabs, like folders.
  • The KeyNote file can be password protected so it can also be used as a journal. KeyNote can also be configured to automatically backup your note file.
  • For GTD, KeyNote tabs can be used as @context Next Action lists, your Inbox or even notes from your Weekly Reviews.
  • Inside each tab are two panes, the left contains a hierarchy of items and the right pane contains the detail for the currently selected item.

KeyNote Screenshots

The detail can contain Rich Text format text and can include URLs and images. The functionality is similar to Wordpad, more than enough for a notepad application.

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