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[ Wikipedia's Index Card] [ Wikipedia's Index Card]
-Like most blog entries, the amount of information that can be fit on an index card can be easily digested within a few moments. 
== Fun Index Card Facts == == Fun Index Card Facts ==

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Wikipedia's Index Card

Fun Index Card Facts

  • [ Vladimir Nabokov wrote most of his novels, including Lolita and Pale Fire, on index cards. Index cards were like his laptop and text editor: portable, in that he could write in the car while his wife drove him across the Western US on butterfly expeditions, and easily editable, because their order could be reshuffled (and he used a pencil). They also allowed him to write his novels non-linearly, middle last. The fictional poet John Shade in the novel Pale Fire composed his 999-line opus on index cards.

Compare Nabokov's streamlined writing system with that of Marcel Proust, who would have early drafts of his books printed, and who would then paste into it new pages and extensions to existing pages, and just generally foul it up.

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