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  • If you're a slob, and therefore haven't developed an efficient cleaning regimen, and you need to clean up fast: have your most anal-retentive, clean freak friend come over and walk through your place with a tape recorder and dictate what you need to do in the order it should be done. -- GH 21 Mar 05
  • Tidying a particularly messy bedroom? Take everything off the floor and dump it onto the bed. Don't start sorting until everything is off the floor and on the bed. It makes sure you don't miss anything, and finally making the bed is a fantastic way to finish up a tidying session. --jk
  • Make it easy for yourself to do chores. I keep a bottle of Clorox Cleanup on top of the fridge so its easy for me to wipe down my counters after making a mess cooking. If I left it in the closet, I'd probably never do it. - User:ChrisMetcalf
  • Vacuum via Roomba
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