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Platform: Any
License: free in beta
Cost: not yet set
Download Size: NA
Site: its site


[edit] Description

Hiveminder is a web-based to-do list application from the folks who brought you Request Tracker. It supports groups of users who can share pools of tasks (and assign them to each other). Tasks can be annotated with tags, due dates, priorities, owner (person responsible) and requestor (submitter), and actual notes. Tasks can also depend on one another, so a higher-level task will require all lower-level tasks to be completed before it is complete.

The interface makes use of AJAX tools to support contextual menus and allows most updates to tasks to be performed without reloading the page. Hiveminder will also try to perform autocompletion for tags, e-mail addresses, and other fields.

[edit] Braindump

Hiveminder features a "braindump" form (available on every page) that allows you to submit a large number of tasks at once. You can then go back and edit those tasks to add more detail later.

[edit] Task Display and Sorting

Tasks can be displayed in lists that contain all tasks, tasks with certain tags, or tags for particular groups. There is a "Bulk Update" option that allows you to change a group of tasks in various ways.

By default, tasks appear to be displayed in a next-action style list, where tasks that are dependent on other tasks do not appear until the lower-level task is checked off, making it useful for GTD-style task management.

[edit] Groups

Groups have three levels of participant: organizer, with full control; member, with permissions to work on tasks; and guests, who can see tasks but not change them.

Hiveminder has (one-way) iCalendar feeds for compatible calendars such as Apple's iCal or Google Calendar. It also has Atom feeds for tracking changes and full-text synchronization via a specially formatted text file that can be downloaded, edited, and uploaded again.

[edit] E-Mail Integration

The system can send e-mail alerts or lists of various types

You (or anyone you give a special address to) can create tasks via e-mail. It is possible to create multiple addresses, and to associate sets of tags, due dates, priorities, group assignments, or other metadata with tasks submitted via a particular address.

Manipulation of tasks via e-mail is planned, but not yet implemented.

[edit] Task Review

Shows you all of your open tasks, one by one, with a limited set of available actions. This process forces you to look at everything you have left to do, and comment on the task, check it off as done, assign it to someone else, claim that you'll do it today, or put it off for a month or until the following Saturday or Monday.

[edit] Testimonials

I took another look at Hiveminder and was impressed by how far it's come. I have a lot of tasks that depend on other tasks, and having that functionality is very useful. I'm not sure how excited I am by the idea of having my data live on someone else's site, but if it were possible to download and install the system locally, I would probably do so. --User:Cmc

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