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From theory to Lifehacks

According to Aristotle, happiness is "the best, noblest, and most pleasant thing," and "the highest good," Everything we do in life is either for our own happiness or for the happiness of others.

After abstract discussions of what constitutes happiness, we usually find that it is something which simply "ensues." It is a by-product resulting from our inner and outer actions. So is it amendable to practical Lifehacks? --gochess

BBC experiment

The BBC in the UK started an experiment in a challenged area 22 miles west of London. Six experts (read their happiness tips), from various fields such as psychology and economics, worked together to improve the happiness of people in the Berkshire town of Slough. On 15 November 2005, fifty volunteers were given the HAPPINESS MANIFESTO, which they agreed to incorporate into their daily lives.

Happiness Manifesto

For the record, here are the action points which they thought useful:

  • Get physical. Exercise for half an hour three times a week.
  • Count your blessings. At the end of each day, reflect on at least five things you're grateful for.
  • Talk time. Have an hour-long uninterrupted conversation with your partner or closest friend each week.
  • Plant something. Even if it’s a window box or pot plant. Keep it alive!
  • Cut your TV viewing by half.
  • Smile at and/or say hello to a stranger. At least once each day.
  • Phone a friend. Make contact with at least one friend or relation you have not been in contact for a while and arrange to meet up.
  • Have a good laugh at least once a day.
  • Every day make sure you give yourself a treat. Take time to really enjoy this.
  • Daily kindness. Do an extra good turn for someone each day.

Your experience

Here's where you can add action points which have worked for you:

  • Meditate. (Silence the automatic self-chatter within.)
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