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[edit] Description

Genius is a program designed to help the user learn and remember bits of knowledge through managed and adaptive repetition of "virtual flashcards." This program in many ways wants to do the opposite of what many notetaking software programs help: it wants you to remember everything so you won't need to use it as a reference. This is of course, best used for learning vocabulary or languages or other bits of knowledge that are more useful "inside your head" than outside.

[edit] Usage

Genius provides a small collection of samples to experiment with that include US Capitals, Canadian Capitals, Swedish Verbs and some Swedish vocabulary. Creating your own genius files is easy, simply add questions and answers to a new genius document and save. This is the time when you decide what you need to remember, and it's not a bad idea to have a Genius window opened during reading to capture vocabulary or concepts as you learn them. Genius provides a slider that changes its mode from "learning" to "reviewing": learning mode shows you the flashcards front and back more often than asking you questions. When Genius asks you a question, you type the answer and if you get it right, it increases the score on that item so you are asked less often.

Because Genius needs your answers to determine how well you remember, it becomes important to write good questions and answers that enable you to type short answers. If you write long answers, you will spend more time typing than learning and if your answer isn't exact, Genius will ask you if you feel you "got it right." This will slow down your review.

[edit] Genius Files

Have a Genius file to share?

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