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GeekTool is a System Preferences pane for Mac OS X that allows the user to make an arbitrary number of customizable windows overlaying the Desktop, showing logs and other text files, results of CLI commands, or images (e.g. from webcams).

Users have experimented using GeekTool in conjunction with other programs to facilitate GTD project+action tracking. For a good example, see the article on VoodooPad.

It's made by Tynsoe Projects and is available for free download on its project page.

GeekTool and Tiger

A number of users have reported having problems with GeekTool under Tiger. So far, the only note from the developer states "GeekTool is *not* fully compatible with Tiger (Mac OS 10.4), use it at your own risk. There is no plan for a short term release. Perhaps some day I'll find enough time to work on GeekTool 3."

Other Options

Other options are available, including using windows or xterms (though this is less than ideal). Another third-party solution might be MkConsole.

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