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[edit] Overview

GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus uses a standard version of Tiddly Wiki that uses a GTD style that makes it look and behave exactly like GTD Tiddly Wiki. This is significant because this means that GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus stays within the main Tiddly Wiki code tree and so any updates to Tiddly Wiki can also be applied to GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus. This is one of the many reasons why GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus is preferred over GTD Tiddly Wiki.

Just like GTD Tiddly Wiki, it is a single HTML page that functions as a full-blown private wiki. It leverages the power of JavaScript and CSS to create new "tiddlers" that are saved within the page. Plugins allow a user to upload the entire wiki to a website for storage or public viewing. However, the wiki can also be saved to a USB memory stick for each transportation. A portable web browser can be placed on the memory stick too for functionality anywhere with a USB drive and the appropriate operating system.

[edit] Special Installation Instructions

  • Safari users: The latest version of TiddlyWiki incorporates the changes necessary for saving in Safari provided that you install this Safari plugin.
    • Download the plugin archive
    • Unzip and install the plugin /Library/Internet Plug-Ins
    • Restart Safari
    • You should now be able to use any recent version of Tiddly Wiki, including GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus.

[edit] Related GTD Tiddly Wiki Developments

Whereas GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus adds a GTD style to Tiddly Wiki, d3 adds "kinkless" GTD functionality to Tiddly Wiki. There is a GTD-Fusion that combines both the style and the functionality that gives a d3 that looks like GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus.

Simon Baird also provides Monkey GTD, which is a GTD inspired task manager built on Tiddly Wiki.

TiddlyWiki2PocketMod provides instructions on how to print Tiddly Wiki pages to a PocketMod.

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