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[edit] Overview

GTD Tiddly Wiki is a derivative (a "hack") of Tiddly Wiki, which is a single HTML page which functions as a full-blown private wiki. The GTD Tiddly Wiki derivative has enhancements specific to GTD, principally its support for printing individual tiddlers (wiki pages) and is just as simple as its original source. The fork of Tiddly Wiki that the GTD Tiddly Wiki uses lacks some modern features, such as support for tags and macros. (see GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus for a nealry identical version that does support all of these features)

[edit] Special Installation Instructions

[edit] New Developments in GTD Tiddly Wiki

There have a few major developments that extend the ability of Tiddly Wiki to implement GTD.

GTD Tiddly Wiki Plus and d3 have been recently merged into GTD-Fusion.

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